TMW & Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of construction processes, from competitive plan and specification bids; complete, “turn-key” design-build collaboration; or Integrated Project Delivery utilizing state-of-the-art Building Infomation Modeling (BIM). Clients find our staff willing to “do what it takes” to bring a project in line with budget expectations.

We enjoy applying our experience in helping difficult or tough projects become a reality.

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LEED® Assistance: Green, or “Sustainable,” Building Practices

LEED® is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. In 1993, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) established LEED® as a rating system designed to encourage and measure the use of green building materials, practices, and strategies, also known as “sustainable” construction.

Green design, construction, and post-construction practices benefit all building stakeholders including owners, occupants and the general public. TMW & Associates, Inc. is committed to green building practices and can assist design professionals, owners, developers, and sub-contractors in successfully understanding the language of LEED®, its processes and its opportunities.

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TMW & Associates, Inc. can be engaged to provide owners with management expertise to ensure a successful project. A Construction Manager (CM) is typically utilized from a project’s inception to pay attention to the many details so vital to its desired outcome. Please contact us to discuss the ways that we can assist your team.